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A Partner in Port and Airport Constructiuon

The Service Center of Port Engineering, better known as SCOPE to our customers, is a nonprofit foundation established and approved by the Minister of Transport in May 30, 1994.
SCOPE provides supports to public clients, such as national and regional public bodies, and advises construction and consulting companies of information and technical supports..

Since the establishment of SCOPE, it has extended its operations to various business fields in accordance with changes in the business environments. The trends include ISO-based management system and the application of CALS technology in port and airport projects. Procurement methods of public projects, such as PFI, are also being considered..

In order to conform to such new trend of construction business, SCOPE has also taken various measures to support public works construction ordering agencies such as providing technical services, information services, data processing supports, research and development in the procurement systems and in quality control systems, and in conducting seminars and lectures related to port and airport construction and maintenance.

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